DANCEFULNESS-Be happy. Be healthy. Be alive.

The project is a collaboration of six partners from four countries, who are working together to develop and share their knowledge and skills in order to:

  • Engage the disengaged and connect the disconnected, being inclusion a key element
  • Build an inter-modal methodology that links dance with mindfulness and positive psychology
  • Promote creativity and leadership in adults through resilience, empathy, synergies, and assertiveness


The goal will be achieved through an inter-modal methodology linking dance with mindfulness and positive psychology in order to promote creativity and leadership.

  • With the help of finding best practices linking dance, mindfulness, and positive psychology in order to develop soft skills, creativity, and leadership skills.
  • Creating a complementary and innovative online course, that will consist of a theoretical part, accompanied by so-called “video pills” that will illustrate and provide practical guidelines for the learners in using the methodology. The dance will be used as a tool for skills development. 

The online course covers topics such as:

  • Application of dance in adult education
  • The connection between dance and mindfulness
  • Dance and positive psychology: practical exercises

Even though the target group is diverse (homeless people, migrants, physically impaired, war refugees, unemployed, NEETS, seniors, substance abuse, etc.), they all have certain characteristics in common, such as dealing with increased stress, low self-esteem, fewer opportunities, psychological problems, low soft-skills, etc. Trainers and teachers that are already working with those groups will utilize the program as a reinforcement of their educational trajectories, integrating it with their own good practice.


Since one of the main problems in fostering inclusion in adults with fewer opportunities is their reluctance to join educational programs as they also tend to avoid informal or non-formal educational activities, developing their social and emotional skills (soft skills) can happen as a side effect while integrating and merging the Dancefulness methodology with the community programs and activities they are usually more willing to attend to.





Orbis Institute, Ο.Ζ
Bajkalská 29 / E
821 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic





  • Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Misericordia (Spain) 
  • Método Estudios Consultores SLU (Spain)
  • Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades- Altera Vita (Greece)
  • Active XXI Foundation (Poland)
  • STEPS (Greece)